How to wear: white boots this winter

How to wear: white boots this winter

The white boot has now become a wardrobe staple, having gained popularity over the last few seasons. First, we saw this trend take hold in dressier styles, but it’s now a popular look for casual wear.

Why? Well, technically white can go with anything in your wardrobe. It’s becoming a versatile neutral that can easily lift any outfit.

Here’s an inspirational snapshot of how to wear this trend, along with styles you can take home now from our new AW22 collection.


Photo credits: @cocktailrev and @lizsunshine


Styling tips for wearing white boots:

Try to wear or accessorise with at least one other lighter coloured item. This doesn’t have to be white; it could be a grey, tan, or pastel shade of a colour. For example, if you wear white boots with black pants and a black top, choose a light grey cardigan. This will tie the outfit together.

White boots are great with strong colours so don’t be afraid to be bold. Again, choose a lighter coloured item as a part of the outfit to bring it all together, or alternatively choose a coloured item with a print that includes white, as shown above.