Explore our New Collection with Dianne, Store Owner & Buyer

Explore our New Collection with Dianne, Store Owner & Buyer

Dive into our New Collection with the people who know it best, our staff. Find out what we’re wearing and our recommendations for the season.

Dianne is our Store Owner and Buyer at The House of Shoes. You can find her in store most Saturdays, as well as several sightings through the week. Dianne’s first pick from the New Collection was a pair of Hispanitas Kaira sneakers.

Here are Dianne’s top picks:

Hispanitas Kaira white & lavender

This style is so incredibly comfortable and easy to wear on a busy day in store. The retro style is quite a fine look on the foot, making it an easy option to wear with flowy dresses and skirts. This is my third pair of Kaira sneakers, a style which has been in the Hispanitas range now for several seasons.

Arche Kimkha metal

I absolutely love the metallic coloured leathers in the Arche brand as they throw different hues depending on the light. I wear a lot of blues, pinks and greens throughout the summer, so these purple sandals work well across my wardrobe. The leather stretches a lot, so always opt for a firmer fit with Arche to account for the stretching.


Camper Match green

Camper’s Match range of sandals (we had a couple last year) are the perfect go-to for travel, beach, pool-side or boating getaways due to their lightweight water resistant soles and durable fabric uppers made from recycled cotton and plastic. The fully adjustable style is perfect for lots of different shaped feet, and they’re simply a fun (and much more supportive) alternative to thongs.


What are you wearing this season?

I’m loving the bold and bright oranges, pinks, yellows and greens this season, so you’ll find me mixing and matching these colours across tops and skirts or cropped pants.  


What is your favourite activity to do in the summertime?

I love our annual trip away to Ansons Bay on the East Coast over the summer. It’s a chance to completely relax, enjoy nearby beaches and completely disconnect (because there’s no phone reception!). I arrive home completely refreshed every time.