Top 3 buying tips for new spring sneakers

by Dianne Sheehan, Owner/Manager

The year 2020 has been a big year that will be remembered for many things, but in footwear it’s certainly the year for sneakers! No doubt your wardrobe has changed and you’re looking for casual attire more often in everyday life.

Luckily the sneaker trend isn’t going away – it’s just getting bigger and better! Our European brands have certainly lifted their game and have delivered some stunning styles for spring. Let me take you through the top three things to look for when selecting your next pair of sneakers.

1. Materials

As we approach warmer weather we’re looking for a sneaker that will be comfortable to wear all day long, and this means one that will let your feet breathe. Leather uppers and linings offer natural breathability so your feet will stay at an optimal temperature all day long.

Our best picks are:

Hogl 1500 white (pictured below)

Hogl 0350 navy (pictured below)

Hogl 2301 white snake

Ecco Soft 8 grey rose metallic (pictured above)


2. Contoured footbed

The way we stand and carry ourselves starts at our feet. By giving our feet support that is shaped to the natural curve and arch means our bodies have a better chance of maintaining alignment.

Our best picks are:

Merrell Mimosa Lena brindle (pictured below)

Ecco Flexure Runner red (pictured below)

Ecco Flexure Runner silver

Remonte D0903 tan (pictured above)


3. Fit

Our sneakers come in many different widths to suit a range of different shaped feet. Let us break it down for you depending on your foot shape:

Wide feet: Ara (coming soon), Hogl, Think!, Rockport

Neither wide or narrow – somewhere in between: Hispanitas (coming soon), Remonte, Ecco, Merrell, United Nude

Narrow feet: Hispanitas (coming soon)

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