Three trends you need to know about this season

by Dianne Sheehan, Owner/Manager

Our top takeaway trends for the AW21 season have to be textured leather, square toes and the new creamy winter white. All feature across our range, and some brands have embraced these with gusto – particularly Hispanitas and Neo X.

From very casual to evening, you can wear these day or night. Let’s take a look at each and how to wear them.

Textured leather

Coming in many different shapes and forms, textured leather adds a new and interesting layer to an otherwise basic shoe or boot. The Neo X BITE boot (below) is perfect as an evening boot, neatly fitting around the ankle and providing a sturdy yet elegant heel. Perfect with dresses or skinny black pants, these offer a polished look.

Zinda styles 1100 black (above) and 1136 brandy (below) are great options for work or pairing with pants. Choose a pant style that tapers at the ankle for a modern workplace look.

Then on the weekend, turn to our best selling sneaker by Jose Saenz 2001 to add some texture and fun to your wardrobe. Perfect with jeans or activewear!

Square toe

Lovers of the square toe rejoice! This trend is here to stay for a while. Offering a comfortable fit, our square toe styles are mostly dressy with mid to high heel heights.

A couple of stand out everyday options are the Neo 20577 in cream (above) and Ara 11901 black. Both featuring low to mid heels, soft leathers and cushioned insoles, these are perfect for work. Their plain styles allows you to pair these with any colours, patterns and textures your wardrobe has available.

Otherwise, consider the flats 20573 by Neo with their tortoiseshell detailing for an updated look to the classic ballet flat.

On a higher heel, our picks are the Hispanitas Aspen boots in both cuero and navy. The mixed leather panels have been beautifully crafted together. You’ll want to show these off, so select a patterned dress with tights or tailored cropped trousers.

Winter white

The whites of AW21 have warmed from previous seasons, now featuring creamier tones that are perfect to pair with the camels, browns and tans featured throughout this season’s clothing.

We’ve touched on a few of these styles already, but the main standouts are Hispanitas Alpes Lace vanilla (above) and Neo 20577 cream. Both styles have almost sold out, so why not try the Hispanitas Alpes vanilla boot instead (below)? These also offer a textured leather finish that is subtle enough to work with patterns and prints.

Shop all these styles below:

Neo X BITE black

Neo X BITE cream

Zinda 1100 black

Zinda 1136 brandy

Jose Saenz 2001 black croc

Jose Saenz 2001 cream croc

Neo 20577 cream

Ara 11901 black

Neo 20573 black

Hispanitas Aspen navy

Hispanitas Aspen cuero

Hispanitas Alpes Lace vanilla

Hispanitas Alpes vanilla