The new Ara collection you don’t want to miss out on

by Dianne Sheehan, Owner/Manager

The Ara Winter 2021 Collection has arrived in store, and this is one collection we’re particularly excited by. Not only are these styles perfect for our cold Tassie winters, but they’re also a fabulous blend of fashion, function and technology that your feet will love.

This most recent collection is a result of Ara’s dedication to ideas and innovation since 1949. Let’s delve a little deeper.

High Soft insoles

Most Ara shoes and boots come with their High Soft insoles. The comfort and support these insoles provide need to be felt to be believed. Extra memory foam cushioning and support where your feet need it the most, flexibility and shaped to the female foot.

Find the High Soft insoles in the following Ara styles: 49514 black, 11903 peacock (pictured), 31238 nut (pictured), 47357 black and tan, 40901 black, 34499 navy, black and grey, 14435 peacock and tan, 22113 nut (pictured above), 11901 black, , 40617 black, 24084 navy, 23130 black, 44935 black and 37419 black.

Bamboo lining

A natural material, bamboo thrives ecologically without the use of pesticides and is 100% biodegradable. It’s highly beathable and with unique anti-bacterial properties. Ara’s bamboo linings are not only soft on your feet, but provide up to 60% greater moisture absorption and dry up to 20% quicker than cotton.

Find bamboo lining in the following Ara styles: 14435 peacock (pictured) and tan, 34499 navy, black and grey, 37419 black and 19743 navy.

Fusion 4 Technology in Ara 24084 navy

These high-flex uppers adapt to fit every foot with no pressure points (pictured above). The seamless designs ensure comfort across the front of the foot and over the toes and the insoles are anatomically shaped to the foot, providing support and cushioned comfort. Your feet will be in heaven! Not to mention, these are lined with Gore-Tex to keep your feet warm and dry. The perfect winter sneaker.

Shop the full Ara collection online or visit us in store. Available only whilst stocks last.