30+ Years of Sustainability with Think! & Camper

by Dianne Sheehan, Owner/Manager

Sustainability is now an important pillar of any major footwear company. Brands are launching new lines that feature recycled materials, ethically sourced materials and environmentally safe alternatives to commonly used chemicals. Whilst this all might seem new to some brands, it’s been common practice for Think! and Camper, each with 30 or more years of manufacturing experience and expertise. Sustainability is at the core of their philosophy.


“The Earth’s resources are limited. Our planet is only one and we have come to realise that we can no longer take more from nature’s storeroom than what will grow back on its own.”
– Think! Sustainability & Philosophy.

Sustainability is often used to refer to environmentally friendly practice, however at Think! sustainability means more, and is embedded into all processes, procedures and projects.

“We act with the environment in mind.”

Here is a snapshot of what sustainability means to Think!:

Slow Fashion

Think! designers seek inspiration from trends in architecture and art, valuing colour, shapes and quality. The result is durable shoes that can be worn for multiple seasons.


Shoe lasts fit the anatomical shape of the foot, using sensible heel heights and high quality materials. For closed toe shoes, insoles can be removed and replaced with custom orthotics.


Designed and developed in Austria, manufactured in Europe by experienced employees. The manufacturing process involves up to 200 individual steps.

High Quality Materials

Leather is the most important raw material used in shoe production. It holds its elasticity, absorbs moisture and creates an incomparable environment for the foot. All leathers are tanned without the use of chromium.

Repairs & Durability

Think! focus on quality to extend the lifespan of their products, and as such many of their shoes can be re-soled, and embellishments and red-tipped laces can be replaced.


All packaging uses recycled cardboard and paper.

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This family-run Spanish brand is trusted worldwide, creating unique seasonal collections that push boundaries and drive innovation. Their designs are simple, yet quirky and comfortable.

Here is a snapshot of what sustainability means to Camper:

The Leather Working Group

Responsible for the world's premiere leather manufacturing certification. Since 2013, Camper has been a member and supports the group's effort to source better leather that is traceable and more environmentally friendly.

Recycled Components

To reduce overall waste Camper's outsoles are made with recycled components, such as recycled plastics, natural rubber and sugarcane EVA. The variety of products ensures their high standards of durability, grip and comfort are met. All laces in Camper shoes are also made from recycled cotton.

To reduce our reliance on materials derived from fossil fuels, Camper substitutes virgin plastics with recycled nylon and polyester. Made from plastic PET bottles and industrial waste, this material is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastics.

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